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Welcome to David Wright Photography

We are a photography company that specializes in
"Boldly taking photography to the next level" by turning photography and video into
Entertainment with Marketing.

When you need a company that you rely on to GET THE JOB DONE on time and within budget we will not let you down!

Our services are designed for Conventions, Conferences, Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs, Trade Shows, Road Shows, Tour Marketing, Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, Weddings or any event that needs that extra uniqueness.

We also feature commercial photography for marketing and advertising. We combine our photography and offer high quality  yet "AFFORADABLE" 4 Color Printing, Ad Specialties, Banners, Trade Show Displays

Our services include: Green screen photography with On-site Printing, Boogie Bodies videos, Big Heads photos, Photo Booths, Boogie/Groovy Bodies videos, Tour Marketing, Web Traffic, Branding, Trade Show Draw, and Data Collection.

Our staff is a combination of seasoned professional photographers and creative computer savvy technicians. All are background checked and are people people with attention to detail and great personalities we bring a unique experience to your event.

We use dye sublimation Sony printers for highest quality and speed. A 4x6" photo is ready in less than 8 seconds and a 5x7" photo in less than 15 seconds completely laminated and finished! To date our biggest event was 3197 -4x6" photos photographed and delivered within the 4.5 hr. event!

We have a huge collection of backgrounds that we customize them your logo, name, date or special message. Design services always available to create a green screen scene for your event.

Award presentations honoring your attendees that have excelled for your company are a great way to improve moral in the company. Photos can be taken as the award is presented with a quick smile and friendly handshake. We can setup our portable studio for a formal look. Our on-site printing services are popular at award presentations. Attendees leave for home with a quality remembrance of their honored day.

Trade Shows are a key source for revenue at a convention. Photos are taken of exhibitors booths with exhibitors and attendees networking together. Hopefully you will use these photos to draw more attendance of vendors creating more revenue for your event. A photo CD can be created featuring exhibitor photos, company name and other contact information.

At David Wright Photography & Productions, we have gone Green..., GREENSCREEN that is!!! "Technology Like In The Movies"

We offer unique green screen photos that put your guest’s photo into any scene imaginable... Guests leave with photos in hand to show family and friends. We have literally thousands of stock images to choose from or you can provide us with a photo of your choice.

We also offer themed borders to compliment your event. We add your logo or a sponsor logo, a special messages, add in unique graphics, a special message, title or date.

At David Wright Photography & Productions, we also have the ability to print out your guests photos within minutes. We can print 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. The average print time for a 5x7 is 35 seconds. Imagine being able to take your photo home the same evening. Guests leave with photos in hand to show family and friends.

Corporate Events: From the smallest of events to the largest extravaganza imaginable, we take great pride in producing exceptional quality from the beginning to the end of your particular gathering. Imagine being able to place your branding into every photo printed.

We offer unique green screen photos that put your guest’s photo into any scene imaginable...  We have literally thousands of stock images to choose from or you can provide us with a photo of your choice.

Parties- Gala's- Bar Mitzvah's-Charities- Special Events: Here at David Wright Photography & Productions we photograph 100+ events a year. We add our personal touch of service, quality and out of the box" creativity to make your event memorable. Our on-site printing capabilities with themed border or green screen photos are personalized to your event. Guests leave with photos in hand. Our photos will be in family albums  for generations to come!

Golf: Our digital photography with on-site printing combined with our graphic borders are a hole in one for golf tournaments. digital on-site print delivery is ideal for golf tournaments. Our experienced teams will photograph each group, then; have finished prints ready when players return to the clubhouse.   Sponsors will fight over the ability to place their logo on the photos.

Our custom graphic borders also highlight the tournament experience, and can feature prominent placement of your sponsor's or club's logos - making a lasting commemorative on the mantel, desk or coffee table.

We can deliver a variety of finishing treatments, including elegant black folders, clear acrylic frames or even handsome stamped leather folios.

Reunions: Capture those memories from days gone by with professional photography services provided by Express Event Imaging. From the group class photo, to candid photos and our newest service, Video Slide Shows. With this service, we use various photos you provide, along with photos taken the night of the event and create a video that will be a hit.

We will photograph the entire class photo at the beginning of the evening and have 8"x10" prints ready to go within the hour. We can provide you with a traditional muslin type background or we can go green screen and provide you a custom designed background. Please visit our Green Screen page to view examples of green screen technology.

We also offer couple and friend portraits, table photos, candid photos along with formal photos of the evenings events. These photos will be posted to our on-line gallery and be available for viewing and purchasing.

Photos to Disc: Some of our events we offer photos saved to a flash drive so guests can make all the photos they wish. A copyright release is provided just in case it is needed to make the photos. We also can offer all the photos from your event to a DVD. These photos can play on a computer or a TV with a autorun program with background music. A custom label and DVD jacket is used for a professional finished look.

Photos to Web: We have a variety of ways we can post photos to the web. From on-line viewing, on-line ordering, emailing photos to free digital downloads we will find the right option for your event. We supply guests info on retreiving their photo. Custom web colors, logos, banners, surveys can even be added. Please refer to our mobile marketing section. "Together get's explore your possibilities"



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